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Q. What is the advantage of 2 units at the same time instead of 1 only?

A1. In terms of practical use, it means being able to lye down and close one's eyes to naturally go into a deeper state of awareness to interact with Tesla Energy Lights waveforms. The Lights offer an exclusive energy boostered positive and negative polarities that create a completed harmonic energy circuit.

A2. Unlike any single unit could, the Tesla Energy Lights™ system is a generator and broadcaster of synergized balanced subtle energy via our AC (yang/male energy waveform) and DC (yin/female energy waveform) to create a synergised couple we call a uni-polar bias dual stage system. Using both units at the same time is like a couple that complement each other. Watch the video and see just how easy this system works.

The player will show in this paragraph

A Short overview of how Tesla Energy Lights operate in action 1:50

Q. Want to develope a rapport?

A. Thank you for visiting. We invite you to continue through this site, viewing the other materials and videos to aid your understanding and experience.

If you like what you see, contact us, we'll be glad to share more valuable data from our many Educators, users, physicists and practitioners.

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It’s like having the complete marriage of the male and female or yin and yang, coming together to make a whole or holistic circuit. One without the other would be incomplete which is why this system is superior to ALL other single bias units. We provide 2 units for less than the cost of others who sell single units despite their older and discontinued technology... What a great value!

AC DC combo photo.jpg

Tesla Energy Lights™ with AC & DC Uni-Polar Bias

Having both AC and DC units with up to 34 tubes synergizes for more available harmonic frequencies (can equate into the billions).

The AC (white) supports surface subtle energy awareness (superficial) and the DC (black) supports a deeper state of subtle energy awareness.

sit down 1  9224.jpg    Stand 1  9231.jpg    lye down 1  9169.jpg

• Having 2 units provides a choice of contemplative positions.

NOTE: How close one can connect with the energy output thanks to Tesla Energy Lights very low wattage.

We intended both that when the AC and DC units are turned on at the same, one can enjoy the synergy of balanced frequencies.

  lie down 2  9247.jpg

• Lay down sessions provide an enhanced meditative experience. Great prior to other services, one may be preped and relaxed for the next service.

AC and/or DC units permit many combinations of use including sitting between the units, lying down between units from head to feet, lying on one’s side with units front to back, and more.

• Easy Transportation

Tesla Energy Lights™ easily disassemble into 4 pieces for easy portability between locations. It takes about 1 minute to breakdown or make ready for next use. The bases can be transported in airline overhead sized 22” suitcases. Many use pool stick holders, artists tubes for the center tube. The carousel can be placed in an ice chest or cooler with foam padding for local via car transportation to location use.  This virtually any one can do this without tools or formal training.

• Easy Maintenance ON LOCATION


In the highly unlikely event that Tesla Energy Lights™ lamps ever need replacement, they are easily replaced within a minute or two by the user, not a technician. Maintenance: spark gap adjustment is easy and can be performed by most any adult with the turn of our MIN/MAX power dial. This dial also serves to lower the power for those more sensitive and raise the power for those who prefer more.

Tesla Energy Lights is a conscious alignment tool. The manufacturer, distributor and educators choose to comply with the regulations set forth by our federal agencies; that is by not making claims beyond what we are allowed to by law. The statements in this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. No medical claims are made or implied of any kind. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For medical attention, please consult your licensed doctor or health care professional.   Terms and Conditions
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